Our Christian Camp Program

Camp Deer Run is for girls ages 8-16 and campers can choose to come for two-week or four-weeks.

Camp is a combination of experiencing new things, improving skills, and being a kid (we have a lot of fun). Campers select three different instructional activities each week that take place during the day. Evening programs vary between Cabin Night, Unit Night, and All-Camp. On Wednesday and Sundays we take a break from the regular schedule, which include Lazy Day Breakfasts and Beach Afternoons (campers love these!) Camp gives kids a chance grow personally, develop character, and learn about God.

If your camper is not quite ready to commit for two weeks of camp, first-time campers between the ages of 8-10 can participate in our one-week Explorer Club.

Older teenagers that are looking to continue their camping experience, we have several Leadership Development Programs for campers ages 17-18. Learn about LDP, SALT, or WILD by clicking though. The application can be found online and we encourage you to apply.

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