Ages 12+

SCUBA Program

SCUBA is offered to campers ages 12 and older. SCUBA certification is useful for a lifetime of fun and adventure.

In addition to an introduction to SCUBA class, we will also offer PADI Open Water Diver certification. The PADI course lasts for two weeks and meets each afternoon for about 2 hours. It includes: an academic section (textbooks and video are supplied), a confined water section where safety skills are learned and campers get comfortable under water, and a series of open dives to explore Lake Winnipesaukee. Upon completion, campers under 15 will be certified as Jr. Open Water Divers and those 15 and older will be certified as Open Water Drivers. SCUBA certification is good for a lifetime of fun and adventure. We always plan to offer this course one session each month by a Certified Instructor. However, each summer the session varies as we are dependent on the instructor’s schedule.

To have your camper participate in the program please complete the Liability Waiver form, the Medical questionnaire, and have your physician certify that there are no barriers to allow your camper to participate. Once completed, please fax the forms to the Main Office at (603) 875-4606. The completed forms must arrive at camp prior to your camper’s arrival, as the SCUBA certification agency will not allow a student to participate without completed forms on file. This class is limited to 6 campers and priority is given to the oldest campers who have completed the required documentation. Interested campers will be notified upon camp arrival if they will be able to participate. The fee for this class is $200.00.

Girl wearing SCUBA gear
Two campers wearing SCUBA gear

FYI: Junior Open Water Divers ages 12-14 are allowed to dive up to depths of 18 meters/60 feet while accompanied with a certified adult or Dive Professional. At the age of 15, Junior Open Water Divers are eligible to upgrade their rating to Open Water Diver. Please contact your local dive professional for more information about this process. Open Water Diver entitles the holder to dive autonomously with an equally or higher rated diving buddy.

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