Deer Run Summer Camp Staff Positions

Counselors & Jr. Counselors*

Being a counselor is one of the best jobs you’ll ever have and it will also be one of the hardest. Our counseling staff are fun-loving, creative, responsible godly young men and women. They have high energy when they teach activities, planning skits, singing silly camp songs, and they are mature when they lead Bible studies and evening devos. Counselor applicants should have at least one year of college, be strong in their faith, enjoy working with children, and thrive in the outdoors. Jr. Counselors should have the same qualifications but may apply upon high school graduation. Because we spend a lot of time on our waterfront, strong swimming skills are preferred. (Before camp starts we offer Lifeguard Training and encourage all staff to participate). American Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR required. Salary varies based on age and experience: $2,000-2,500.

Tripping Staff*

Tripping staff should have at least one year of college, be 21 years old and have a clean driving record (insurance purposes). Trip Staff plan, pack, and lead day and overnight hikes (training provided). American Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR required. Summer salary: approximately $2,000.

Horseback Riding Staff*

Riding staff should be 20-21 years of age; at least one year of college; CHA certified (we will arrange); experience caring for multiple horses and teaching youth beginning and intermediate riding skills. American Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR required. Starting salary: $2,000 per summer.

Unit Director*

At least 2-3 years of college; camping experience. Supervision, leadership skills essential. American Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR required. Starting salary: $2,500.

Leadership Development Staff*

At least one year of college and previous camp counselor experience preferred. Supervision, leadership, and mentoring skills are essential. American Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR required. Starting salary: $2,500.


Daily responsibilities include basic repair and maintenance, trash pick-up, cleaning, etc. Must be flexible and able to work alone. Starting salary: $2,000.

Food Service Staff*

At least 18 years of age; good work habits, positive disposition, strong work ethic and positive role model. Daily responsibilities vary within the kitchen, food prep, washing dishes, and dining hall management. The Food Service Team is approximately 15 people. Starting salary: $2,000.

Waterfront Staff*

The Waterfront staff is comprised of a director, 3 boat drivers and a swim director. At least 18 years of age to be considered. All waterfront staff should be Lifeguards and have a NH commercial boat license (test will be given during Staff Week). Starting salary: $2,000.

Medical Staff

We hire both nurses and physicians to be part of our Loon Medical Team. Appropriate NH state certification is required. Given the nature of the medical profession, staff can work in two-week increments. Starting salary: salaries vary based on experience or camper tuition benefits.

Main Office Staff*

Organizational, computer, and cheerful interpersonal skills. Starting salary: $2,000.

*These positions require two-weeks of “Staff Week” training prior to Incoming Day, making the summer commitment 10 weeks.

Staff and camper hugging
Staff and campers with flags for the 4th of July

Off-Season Part-Time Employment

Brookwoods hosts conferences from late August until early May. We operate a full commercial kitchen and are looking for help in food service. Days and hours vary based on guest groups, but we typically need help Friday through Sunday, occasionally during the week. If interested, there is potential to work through the summer camp season.

Full-Time Employment

If you’re interested in full-time opportunities, please email Bob Strodel.

Thinking about applying?