Ages 8-10

Brookwood’s Explorer Club Program

The Explorer Club program provides 8, 9, and 10 year-olds the opportunity to come to camp for the first time, for just one week.

We know that kids are different and not everyone is ready to head off to camp for two weeks. As you look to provide your child with new experiences, this is a great way to get familiar with camp and being away from home. Our counseling staff are compassionate role models who will help them find their way, learn new skills, and teach them about God’s love.

This one-week program gives your child a chance to experience the best of camp: fun activities like rocketeering, target shooting (with BB Guns), swimming lessons, and gaga, to name a few. The Whitetail (Deer Run) and Moose (Brookwoods) cabins go everywhere together as a unit for the entire week during our scheduled activity periods. “Explorers” can spend time with other campers or siblings during 4th period. A highlight of the week is a boat ride to Plum Island in Roberts Cove, cooking dinner and s’mores over a campfire, singing camp songs, listening to loons, and sleeping in platform tents.

Two Brookwoods boys watching their rocket launch
Group of explorer boys wearing hats

The Explorer program is for first-time campers and is offered the first two weeks and last two weeks of our camp season. Please check our Dates and Rates page for availability. Click here to register your camper for this program.

If your campers is already registered, please see our Explorer Handbook.

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