Why Christian Camps?


One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “What does it mean to be a Christian camp?” Such a good question. It’s followed by the next most frequently asked question, “What do you do, that makes it a Christian camp?”

Christian Camps and Conferences, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit which acts as the umbrella organization for Camp Brookwoods and Deer Run (NH) and Moose River Outpost (ME). We’re a network of non-denominational camps (and conference centers) not affiliated with any particular church, but adhering to the tenets of the historical Christian faith. We are grateful that our campers are a diverse group, coming from a variety of faith, economic, and racial backgrounds.

Our Mission

CCCI’s mission is “To foster vibrant Christian communities located in awe-inspiring outdoor settings in which young people are spiritually transformed through Christ-centered relationships.”

This mission is at the heart and soul of everything we do at our camps.


Staff leading worship songs outside

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Great Staff

We hire great staff. The very core of our program is our staff; we can’t do what we do without them. We travel coast to coast to recruit the best and the brightest, with big hearts, imaginations, and a lot of energy! We are looking for young adults who love the Lord, who are committed to their personal relationship with Him, who demonstrate good character, who have teachable hearts, who love kids, and thrive in God’s Creation.

Staff and campers standing next to canoes

Our Daily Program Incorporates:

Worship Songs

After breakfast, we gather in the Chapel (Brookwoods and Deer Run) or Moose Hall (MRO) to sing contemporary worship songs. Campers head back to cabins after an encouraging word from the Camp Pastor. (And, before breakfast, campers have 20 minutes of PQT (personal quiet time) outside their cabin).

Bible Study

Campers and staff return to their cabins for Bible study. Each study spans two weeks, typically one New Testament and one Old Testament in the course of a month. Studies vary from summer to summer with an over-arching curriculum lasting several years. Bible studies are led by counselors (who have had training on said studies during Staff Week) and campers have an opportunity to share their thoughts and insights in a small group setting.

Evening Devotions

As the cabin winds down for the night, counselors share a short devotional, often called “evening devos”. This can take on a variety of forms, “highs and lows” in the context of the morning’s Bible study or a chapter from one of C.S. Lewis’ books. Older cabins might want to talk about situations at home or school and how their faith can be woven into those circumstances.

We’re committed to presenting the love of God and his gospel through his word and by our actions. We are not an “altar call” kind of camp. We’re trusting the Holy Spirit to stir up hearts. Many of our alumni describe camp as a “thin place”, a place where you feel closer to the presence of God.


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