The 3Camps Podcast

Welcome to the 3Camps Podcast. We believe God has chosen to speak to and interact with His creation through narrative and story. His story of redemption and restoration is being played out every day in the lives of his children. The people of Camp Brookwoods, Camp Deer Run, and Moose River Outpost are no exception. Story is how we connect.

Remember your first time getting up on water skis and who was there to celebrate with you? How about the stories you shared after you reached the top of Mount Washington with your cabin mates? We all have these stories which connect us to each other, and mutually to something greater. The Three Camps Podcast is here to connect us with one another through sharing of stories and camp experiences.


We cannot do this without you! Please call into our voicemail, or drop us an email at any time to share your own camp stories and offer content suggestions based on your camp experience. Call (978) 308-2679, or email us at Please subscribe by clicking “share” in the player or wherever you get your podcasts to stay up to date with our latest content.