Latest Summer Camp Updates

Updated:  May 24, 2023 

Zoom Meetings:

On the 17th we conducted a Zoom gathering for our new parents and campers who are coming to Brookwoods and Deer Run this next summer. This was an hour long optional meeting to discuss expectations for the upcoming summer with those attending Brookwoods and Deer Run for the first time on 2023. Executive Director Bob Strodel, and Director of Ministry Services, Tim Nielsen, talked about the summer and then answered question from both parents and future campers.  If you would like to see the recording of this video, you can click HERE.

On Tuesday, May 23rd Seth Coates hosted  a Zoom meeting with all families attending Moose River Outpost this summer. If  you would like to see a recording of this video, you can click HERE.

On Wednesday, May 24th we had a Zoom meeting with returning NH families.    You can watch a recording HERE.

Health and Safety:

Sadly, Covid-19 is still present in our world.  However, it seems that it is not as life-threatening as was originally.  This is good news, but Covid-19 can still disrupt a camper’s experience.

We have been monitoring the CDC and State guidelines and crafting our action plans to reflect current recommendations.  Currently, we do not anticipate testing campers upon arrival at camp.  However, we DO recommend the parents conduct an Antigen test prior to arrival at camp if their campers are showing symptoms.  We will conduct Covid-19 tests only if a camper or staff member exhibit symptoms consistent with Covid-19.  We anticipate that campers who test positive for Covid-19 will need to be picked up by a parent or guardian and isolate at home.  If possible, they will be able to return to camp after a negative Covid-19 test and 24 hours symptom free.

Our goal is to reduce the potential of introducing Covid-19 to our camp population.   Camp is a different environment than a school situation.  Camp is 24/7 and it is like a small town, or cruise ship, where we need to provide all needed services including food and health care.  Each camp has “Standing Orders” with the local Doctors and Health Centers, so we are under their jurisdiction and guidance.  We pray that this will help us stay safe and healthy!

We look forward to seeing you at camp soon!

Bottom Line:  We do encourage everyone to come to camp healthy.  


  1. What happens if my child has COVID and we can’t come to camp?   We will do our best to see if we have any opening in other sessions, or we will refund your tuition and deposit for that camper as we would for any medical situation. They could also attend camp in 5 days, or after a “negative” COVID test following 24 hours symptom free; the shortest of these two options.
  2. What happens if someone gets COVID at camp? If a camper develops COVID at camp they will be sent home. They can return to camp in 5 days, or after a “negative” COVID test following 24 hours symptom free; the shortest of these two options. If a camper or staff member gets COVID, the people in their cabin [sleeping area] will be considered “exposed” and they will be required to eat separately from the rest of the camp, and wear masks when indoors for the next 5 days.
  3. Will you notify me if my camper is in an exposed cabin?   The impact to a person at camp who “might have” been exposed is so small, we have decided not to automatically call all the potential families about a “maybe situation”.  Aside from the items mentioned in #3, the impact to their camp program is minimal and the camp experience is intact.    We arrived at this conclusion after talking to multiple parents who encouraged us simply to provide the  best camper experience possible and not to “worry” about a “possibility” of transmission for a virus that while contagious, does not appear to life threatening at this age level.
  4. Will we be asked to pick up our child at camp if they test positive at some point?  Yes….we will be able to isolate for a reasonable amount of time, but we are still asking the campers to be picked up as soon a possible.

We will continue to update this page going forward.