Why Work at Deer Run?

Camp is a great way to spend your summer. You'll not only have more fun than you can imagine, you'll learn more about yourself, others, and God.

Working at camp carries a lot of responsibility, we’re going to bet more than you’ve had in any other job. Not only are you in charge of your activity area and running a safe program, you’re responsible for your campers and making sure that they have a positive experience. The best part is that you’ll love doing it and you’ll remember your campers names for years.

Staff with Deer Run campers
Staff on the 4th of July smiling

Camp provides direct lessons that will resonate with you the rest of your life, personally and professionally. (Just ask Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney who wrote a book about his overnight camp experience.) So whether you’ve spent many summers at camp or are coming to camp for the first time, serving on staff is nothing short of awesome. You’ll be stretched in ways you didn’t imagine and accomplish things you didn’t know you could do. You’ll become a part of a tight-knit Christian community which becomes a benchmark for friendship. We have always been blessed with the winning combination of new staff (they bring new ideas and fun songs!) and returning staff whose hearts beat with the rhythm of camp.

Check out this blog post written by Jason Daily, a Camp Brookwoods alumnus.