Our Heritage

Camp Brookwoods for Boys was founded in 1944 by Dr. Lawrence H. Andreson, a Boston physician. Doc A.’s dream was to build a camp where the campers had a very active daily program, coupled with the truth of the Gospel. Doc A. and his wife “Duggie” made it their life’s work to share the love of God through camping. They purchased an initial 110 acres. The rugged natural beauty of the old-forest woods, the babbling Hurd Brook, and the gorgeous shoreline, all lend themselves to every aspect of camp life.

Twenty years later, the Andresons opened Camp Deer Run for Girls. This sister camp, located on the same property, operated independently from Brookwoods. While Brookwoods and Deer Run shared the dining hall and waterfront, they used these facilities at different times, hardly seeing each other! That part has changed, but the two camps were, and still are, comparable in every way in terms of purpose, philosophy, program, and leadership.

Waterfront at sunset with canoes

campers canoeing in the lake at sunset

Today, Brookwoods remains dedicated to our mission, presenting the love of Christ to every camper in a compelling fashion, emphasizing personal commitment and values founded upon the Word of God. Bible teaching, sound personal relationships, exciting and fun staff members, and wilderness adventure are the key aspects to Brookwoods, Deer Run, and Moose River Outpost’s program.

Camp Brookwoods is often described by our alumni as a “thin place”—a place where you feel closer to the presence of God. We hope that you will discover how committed we are to God’s work at our camp, including recruiting the finest staff, developing the best programs, and caring for our beautiful facilities. We strive to reflect God’s glory in what we say and do, creating an innovative and excellent program which is well-regarded in the camping profession.

camper reading the bible by the lake
Campers sitting and participating in the camp circle

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