Why Camp Deer Run?


Time and time again, campers tell us that camp is about the friends you make. While you’re at camp, you’ll make friends and have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with them. You’ll talk about Bible studies and evening devos. You’ll walk down to the Waterfront to get in the tubing line 4th period. You’ll take archery together and encourage each other that it takes practice. You’ll take another activity all by yourself and you’ll make more new friends and learn a new skill. And when you’re away from camp, it’s those friends who will remind you of your best self, encourage you, and reminisce about cabin nights on the Blob. Camp friends watch you shine and encourage you when things are tough.

Group of Deer Run campers outside

Counseling Staff

Second to cabin mates, the most important people at camp are your counselors. Deer Run counselors love Jesus, love working with young girls, and are passionate about Deer Run. Not only do they love it here, they love it because you’re here. Our counselors are good at listening, laughing, and might just be the mentor you’ve been looking for.

Staff with girls at ceramics

Faith Journey

We are a Christian camp; we carry the love of Jesus into all aspects of camp life. We study God’s word, strive for character that puts others first, cares for our world, and seeks truth. We start the day with PQT (personal quiet time) before we head to breakfast. After breakfast, we’ll sing in the Chapel and have Bible study back at the cabin. We’ll end the day with “evening devos,” talking about topics that campers care about. Campers are given lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about their faith. The great part about camp is that they can see God working first hand!

Girls reading bible for bible study


What makes you unique? Have you explored different interests? Have you tried archery? Are you good at painting? Camp is a great place to figure that out. For maybe the first time, you can try new things, explore your interests, and develop new passions. Where else can you learn to sail, build a fire, and climb a wall in the same day?

Girl shooting archery arrow

The Waterfront

While Deer Run has lots of land activities on our sports fields and scattered throughout the woods, we pride ourselves on having the best camp waterfront in New England. Deer Run boasts a quarter mile of sandy shoreline along Chestnut Cove on Lake Winnipesaukee (New Hampshire’s largest lake). There are so  many ways to enjoy the water—sailboat, waterski, wakeboard, canoe, windsurf, SCUBA, skin dive, SUP, and more. The waterfront will quickly become one of your favorite places at camp.

Girl with large fish she caught