Our Vision

The Fieldhouse

No one ever wants a rainy day at camp! Since the majority of our camp programming is done outside and we have yet to find a way to control the weather, we have dreams for a new multi-purpose building at our New Hampshire site. Instead of squeezing into Moose Hall on wet days, this new building would allow us to hold chapel and appropriate indoor programming during inclement weather.

Additionally, this building would allow more space for regular activities that are best conducted inside, like drama and dance. It would be equipped with a full-sized basketball court, indoor climbing wall, locker rooms, stage for performances, exercise workout room, lobby entrance, small kitchen, and equipment storage. It will be a wonderful space for all-camp programs such as the Staff Special Talent Show and Incoming Day Rallies, and would be used during our Conference Season to make Brookwoods an attractive retreat location for college and church groups.

The WILD Pavilion

WILD participants spend almost 100% of their time outside! They cook outdoors, live in platform wall tents, and spend half of their time on off-camp adventures. Building a pavilion on the current site will give WILD campers a protected open air space to gather for Bible studies, leadership lessons, and cooking great meals over the fire. This would be their only “shelter” besides their tents!

The Ranger Unit

The Ranger Unit is a special place for all who have lived there. Originally a part of Deer Run Lodge, it was relocated when the girls arrived in 1964. The current structure on the waterfront is home to the Brookwoods boys in the Leadership Development Program (LDP). Each summer the program launches 24 LDPs, many of whom come back to work at camp. Fifty years of active use had taken its toll on the Ranger, and after many extensive repairs, a complete rebuild was required!

The beautiful new structure on the waterfront was completed in the Spring of 2021 with funds received from The Next 75 ministry partners. The multi-use cabin features a front porch that is accessible to both the 1st year and 2nd year LDPs. The ground level is configured to allow for meeting space, storage, and a bathroom for Waterfront Staff. The entire building is heated to allow for conference guests in Fall and Spring.

Lake Cottage Update

The Lake Cottage is one of the oldest and most beloved structures at Camp Brookwoods and Deer Run. The cottage, built in 1795 and moved across the frozen lake to its current position in 1929, is a treasure but was in need of some significant repairs. Funds from the Next 75 are being used to replace an outdated addition and other essential repairs.


Here We Go MRO!

We are thrilled that Moose River Outpost (MRO), our beautiful camp in Jackman, ME, continues to grow to its capacity! But with this steady growth comes the need for program additions and improvements. One of the biggest challenges we face is offering high quality activities to keep up with our increased number of campers.


Brookwoods and Deer Run Cabin Makeovers

While the experience of camp is designed to be different from home, and sharing facilities and small living spaces build social skills, our cabins needed upgrading to keep up with camper needs. We had begun renovations on several cabins before the campaign; but, funds from The Next75 have allowed us to complete upgrades to all the Brookwoods cabins and add large porches to the Deer Run cabins that were lacking.


Staff Development

Hope in Christ. Joy in Community. Wonder in Creation.

Almost everyone who has been connected to camp would agree: one of our most valued assets is our amazing staff. They are the single most important factor in determining the success and impact of the camp experience. Our staff are selected on the basis of spiritual maturity, educational background, leadership, skill set, and interest in young people. Being a camp counselor is more than a job, it is a ministry that demands self-sacrifice and service to others. These young men and women serve as cabin counselors and are ready to teach, mentor, and guide our campers.

Scholarship Endowment

Call us biased, but we think that camp is one of the greatest experiences ever! We desire to make camp accessible to as many campers and their families as possible. However, for some families, tuition is a financial challenge. The Scholarship Fund was established to provide financial assistance to campers who could not otherwise attend. In 2018 approximately 25% of the campers at Brookwoods, Deer Run, and Moose River Outpost received some level of scholarship assistance.

Group pf campers

The Earth is The Lord’s

Renewable Energy Initiative

At Camp Brookwoods, Deer Run, and Moose River Outpost, we believe it is our responsibility to be careful stewards of God’s beautiful creation. In the woods, we strictly follow hiking’s cardinal rule, “leave no trace behind.” For over 25 years, our camps have incorporated several processes to reduce our carbon footprint. In accordance with this overarching desire, we would like to expand these efforts by investigating methods that would continue this trajectory and broaden our “in the woods philosophy.” Single-stream recycling, transitioning to energy efficient LED lights, investigations the use f solar panels, reducing heating costs through additional insulation and upgraded windows, and the use of “on demand” hot water systems, will contribute towards reducing our footprint.
Currently, our annual New Hampshire energy costs are over $100K. The Next 75 will finance modifications to existing buildings, allow us to investigate new technologies, and fund approximately 90 solar panels, reducing energy costs by an estimated 10% annually. These initiatives will reduce costs and give us the ability to sell energy back to our provider when we don’t experience peak demand. We estimate the overall benefit to camp will be 2.5 times our initial investment over the next 25 years and provide a visible demonstration of our philosophy.

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If you have questions please contact
our Director of Development,
Ann Higgins at ann@christiancamps.net