The Fieldhouse

No one ever wants a rainy day at camp! Since the majority of our camp programming is done outside and we have yet to find a way to control the weather, we have dreams for a new multi-purpose building at our New Hampshire site. Instead of squeezing into Moose Hall on wet days, this new building would allow us to hold chapel and appropriate indoor programming during inclement weather.

Additionally, this building would allow more space for regular activities that are best conducted inside, like drama and dance. It would be equipped with a full-sized basketball court, indoor climbing wall, locker rooms, stage, workout room, meeting rooms, flexible seating accommodations, small kitchen, and equipment storage. It will be a wonderful space for all-camp programs such as the Staff Special Talent Show and Incoming Day Rallies, and would be used during our Conference Season to make Brookwoods an attractive retreat location for college and church groups.

Exercise Room Concept