Campaign Goal

Our Vision In Summary

We welcome your participation to make this project a reality! Please partner with us as we prepare Camp Brookwoods, Deer Run, and Moose River Outpost for what the Lord will do through this ministry over the next 75 years… and more!

We invite you to make a current (cash) gift or a pledge to be fulfilled over the next 3 years. You may also use planned gifts (bequests) for a future donation to the Inspiration Point Scholarship Endowment.

You can make a donation online by clicking this link and choosing The Next 75: Capital Campaign in the drop down list as how you would like to designate your gift. You can make a pledge by clicking this link and completing the online pledge card.

If you have any questions or desire more information, please call Bob Strodel, Executive Director, 603-875-3600, or Ann Higgins, Director of Development, 914-260-4269

Facilities, Programs and Leadership
Multi-Purpose Building $1,800,000
Brookwoods and Deer Run $985,000
Moose River Outpost $175,000
Energy Sustainability Initiative $90,000
Staff Development $150,000
Scholarship Endowment $500,000 (to be fulfilled through a combination of current and planned gifts)
TOTAL $3,700,000

Please note: These numbers were compiled pre-pandemic. On this side of COVID-19, building costs have increased significantly. We anticipate that it will require at least 25% more funds to complete the facility projects included in The Next 75. We are trusting God to provide this increased funding, as our needs are unchanged.