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Go And Make Disciples.


Leadership Development

Camp isn’t just for kids! In 1977, Brookwoods and Deer Run added our first co-ed leadership development program after recognizing a need for discipleship and leadership training for older teenagers. Today, our leadership programs are designed primarily to train up mature Christian men and women who will faithfully serve the Kingdom of God and represent Christ in the world. The Next 75 will benefit all of these programs.

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The Servant and Leadership Training at Brookwoods and Deer Run is a two-summer, 8-week program incorporating an international and domestic missions experience. SALTers build community by serving together and sharing the gospel beyond the boundaries of camp.

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The Leadership Development Program at Brookwoods and Deer Run is a two-summer, 16-week program designed to give campers the opportunity to challenge themselves physically, intellectually, and most importantly, spiritually. This program focuses on community building as well as development of historic Christian disciplines to encourage continued spiritual growth.<.small>

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MRO’s Wilderness Intensive Leadership Development program is a two-summer, 8-week program focusing on adventure and outdoor skill acquisition, team building, and mentoring. WILD gives participants a strong spiritual foundation through the opportunity to consider deeper questions of the Christian faith in a community and adventure context.

The Falcon

The Falcon

Because of the popularity of our SALT program, as well as increased demand for conference space, we plan to build a new cabin on our New Hampshire property that would provide additional space for the SALT girls, experienced staff mentors, and conference guests. Along with extra sleeping space, it would have a meeting room with a fireplace, to provide additional meeting space.

The Ranger Unit

The Ranger Unit

The Ranger Unit is a special place for all who have lived there. Originally a part of Deer Run Lodge, it was relocated when the girls arrived in 1964. The current structure on the waterfront is home to the Brookwoods boys in the Leadership Development Program (LDP). Each summer the program lanches 24 LDPs, many of whom come back to work at camp. Fifty years of active use had taken its toll on the Ranger, and after many extensive repairs, a complete rebuild was required!

The beautiful new structure on the waterfront was completed in the Spring of 2021 with funds received from The Next 75 ministry partners. This new “Ranger Unit” is home to the Brookwoods LDPs. The multi-use cabin features a front porch that is accessible to both the 1st year and 2nd year LDPs, storage and a bathroom for Waterfront Staff on the ground level, and is heated to allow for conference guests in Fall and Spring.

Wild Pavilion

The WILD Pavilion

WILD participants spend almost 100% of their time outside! They cook outdoors, live in platform wall tents, and spend half of their time on off-camp adventures. Building a pavilion on the current site will give WILD campers a protected open air space to gather for Bible studies, leadership lessons, and cooking great meals over the fire. This would be their only “shelter” besides their tents!

Here We Go, MRO.

Moose River Outpost Activities

We are thrilled that Moose River Outpost (MRO), our beautiful camp in Jackman, ME, continues to grow to its capacity! But with this steady growth comes the need for program additions and improvements. One of the biggest challenges we face is offering high quality activities to keep up with our increased number of campers.

Shooting Range

Would you guess that one of the most popular programs at MRO is Skeet Shooting? The range has been relocated to a more accessible location, eliminating the need to drive and adding time back into the campers’ activity schedule. The new range, once completed, will also provide a better suited area to teach this activity in a safe and professional manner, and will also offer a Riflery component as a new skill opportunity for our campers.


Adding a Makerspace workshop will give campers an area to create their own handmade items. Supplied with tools and materials, campers will develop the skills and craftsmanship needed to design projects that will be useful for a lifetime, including how to use band saws, sanders, and hand tools. Almost all MRO campers eventually find themselves in a canoe. How cool would it be if they could make their own personalized paddle or take pride in using their own handmade knife and leather sheath?!

Basketball Court Pavilion

Most of what we do at MRO happens rain or shine; that’s camp life! However, rain can sometimes present a safety concern or result in damaged equipment. With our current camper population—96 campers can’t play dodgeball in MRO’s Moose Hall! We need a covered outdoor space to accommodate all-camp activities when necessary. The pavilion built over the basketball court would give us much-needed space to continue active programming no matter the weather.

Trip Locker

An essential component of the MRO camper experience is adventure, and the tripping program is an integral part of that. Every session, each cabin completes an overnight trip. In the past 10 years our overnight and day trip numbers have increased exponentially: from 69 campers in 2009 to 240 campers in 2019. The trip locker is earning its keep, to say the least! Additional storage space for non-perishable food and tripping gear is needed to execute an excellent tripping program. In the near future, we hope to expand camp by adding another 2-week session, making room for 96 more campers. This new trip locker will allow us to accommodate this significant growth.


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