Here We Go MRO

Moose River Outpost

We are thrilled that Moose River Outpost (MRO), our beautiful camp in Jackman, ME, continues to grow to its capacity! But with this steady growth comes the need for program additions and improvements. One of the biggest challenges we face is offering high quality activities to keep up with our increased number of campers. In edition to the new WILD Pavilion, the following initiatives are in the works at MRO:

Shooting Range

Would you guess that one of the most popular programs at MRO is Skeet Shooting? The space and remote location of the camp is perfect for this target sport. The newly completed range was relocated to a more accessible location and provides a better suited area to teach this activity in a safe and professional manner. The area is also used for the Riflery activity. Our campers and conference guests are already enjoying this new structure.


Adding a Makerspace workshop will give campers an area to create their own handmade items. Supplied with tools and materials, campers will develop the skills and craftsmanship needed to design projects that will be useful for a lifetime, including how to use band saws, sanders, and hand tools. Almost all MRO campers eventually find themselves in a canoe. How cool would it be if they could make their own personalized paddle or take pride in using their own handmade knife and leather sheath?!


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