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Waterfront Weather

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Yesterday was a perfect lake day, the air was hot and humid after a rainy night, and the sky was clear. During free time nearly the entire camp descended on the waterfront for an afternoon of tubing, log-rolling, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

Kennebec cabin spent more time on the water than any of the rest of us, as they were canoeing on Holeb Pond that day for the cabin’s canoe trip. Today, Pamola departs for Gulf Hagis, also known as “The Grand Canyon of Maine.” Their trip will feature waterfalls to swim in, and bubbling brooks running beside their campsite.

WILD has already made tracks and/or waves this year. WILD 2 is now working their way along the Maine coast on their annual sea kayaking trip, and WILD 1 is back in camp after a night on Boundary Bald. Each member of the WILD program this year gets their own specialized white water canoe paddle – their privilege to use, and their responsibility to care for during their time in the program.

Tonight’s all-camp game will be trench dodgeball; an old camp favorite and a great twist on a familiar game. Campers use dodgeballs to tag each other and to bring each other back into the game for non-stop action and fun. It will serve as a good follow-up for last night’s game of Outpost. In Outpost, each camper is given a rank, between private and 5-Star General and is sent on a mission to find the other team’s President. There are 3 teams, and the entire camp is the playing field. Our campers hatched plans, scouted terrain, and finally captured chiefs-of-state in a night of all-out play.

We play hard, we rest well, and we do it again. Camp is good.

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