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Leadership Development Programs at Camp

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Leadership Development Programs at Camp

By Ben Tabone, Brookwoods Director

If you’re anything like us, you’re counting down the days until Incoming Day. Just 127 days away which, when you think about it, isn’t all that bad, considering we added a whole year to our countdown. (And if you know someone returning on summer staff, their countdown is 113 days, “Staff Week (2-weeks)” starts June 13th!).

Yes, there are some things (given the pandemic) we just don’t know yet. But there are some things that we do know about summer 2021! To start, we’re super excited for the chance to do what we do best! There’s no time like the present to register for camp.

Along those lines, we’ve got some room in our Leadership Development Programs: LDP at Camp Brookwoods and Deer Run in NH and WILD at Moose River Outpost in ME. Campers in these programs are typically age 16 and in their sophomore year of high school.

Another summer at camp, reconnecting with friends, making new friends, having new experiences, spending time in God’s creation and studying His word might just be what you need—it’s been a LONG year. The LDP and WILD programs are full of opportunities for learning, self-discovery, challenge, and adventure. More than ever, now (after this extended period of “shelter-in-place”) it’s important to try new things, accomplish new things, sing on a summit, push yourself in a new way, and laugh until you cry. These are the kinds of experiences that will become your benchmarks in life—stories you will share, write about, and wonder how you accomplished for the rest of your life.

If this is something you’d like to do, there is an application process required, but don’t let that get in your way! You can complete the application online HERE.

Check out our plan below for our leadership programs this coming summer:
(Please note: you will not see any details for our SALT program. We unfortunately had to suspend the program for 2021 because of travel restrictions.)

First year LDP and WILD
We have some spots available in both programs and are currently accepting applications for LDP 1 and WILD 1. Campers that are accepted into LDP 1 and WILD 1 will have the traditional first-year experience of the respective program. Campers accepted as “first-years” are expected to complete the second-year experience in 2022.
The dates for those programs are as follows:
WILD I – July 11-August 7, 2021 (four weeks)
LDP I – June 27- August 21, 2021 (8 weeks)

2021’s 2nd Year LDP (Hybrid)
Those who were already signed up for first-year LDP in 2020, which didn’t occur, will have a “one-summer experience.” If you have questions about this 8-week hybrid curriculum, please contact the respective camp director: Ben Tabone  (Brookwoods) and Mary Beth Bowling (Deer Run).

2021’s 2nd Year WILD (Hybrid)
This group will be trying out a six-week (June 27- August 7 ) “one-summer WILD experience”. The curriculum will include all of the program elements of WILD I and WILD II. This hybrid summer allows campers to get the most out of WILD, continue on the trajectory to apply for summer staff in 2022, and/or fulfill summer commitments in preparation for college.  Please contact Seth Coates for more information.

Even though we don’t know all the specifics about what this summer will look like, we’re excited about camp—everything single thing about it! If you have any questions about our leadership programs or the application process, please email our camp Registrar. We’re here for you!

And if you’ve aged-out of our leadership programs and are looking for a summer job, we’re hiring! Working at camp is a lot of things (first thing that comes to mind is FUN!) and is a great way to use your existing leadership skills. Check out this blog. You can apply online HERE!

We’re one day closer!

Ben TaboneBen Tabone joined our team in May 2018 and serves as the Brookwoods Director. Ben is passionate about youth camp and adventure programming all wrapped together through ministry. Ben spent his formative years working in camp ministry in the Adirondacks, which seriously shaped his hobbies and trajectory. Along the way, Ben met his wonderful wife Alexa working in camp ministry at Camp Spofford in southern NH. Together they enjoy living in New Hampshire and getting outdoors whether it is climbing, skiing, ice climbing, or hiking!




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