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Banquet Night

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Friday is here, and with it comes rafting and Banquet Night! Today our campers ran the Kennebec River all together in rafts guided by Windfall Rafting’s capable guides. The water was huge, and with the sun out today, conditions were perfect for a great run on the rapids.

Now, the campers have returned to camp and Banquet Night can begin. This Banquet night, our theme is “Christmas in July.” The Halls (The Dinning Hall and Moose Hall specifically) are decked with Christmas decorations, and the staff have prepared MRO-themed Christmas carols to sing throughout the evening.

Perhaps the best part of Banquet Night is the meal. Christmas may be the theme, but Thanksgiving will be on our tables, from turkey to mashed potatoes and stuffing. Later in the evening, we will pass out awards for our camper’s various achivements during the session.

Its been a great 2 weeks, and there’s no better way to commemorate it than with Banquet Night.

For WILD 1, today they spend their first night on Moose River. This trip is the signature trip of WILD 1 and includes lots of paddling, a visit to Mt Kineo for some rock climbing, and even some white water canoeing on the East Outlet.

WILD 2 has spent the last 2 days honing their First Aid skills and they are now wrapping up their certifications in Wilderness First Aid. This certification will serve them well, especially if someday they are ever Counselors or Trip Leaders at MRO. Next, they will be spending a day here in camp blazing new trail for our Mountain Biking area (and of course trying it out themselves).

Camp is busy in the best sense of the word. Our days are full, the sun is shinning, and we’re filling every minute with good times. Check in on Monday for more updates.

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