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A Busy Weekend is Here!

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The weekend is here, and its time for some special events in camp. Every day at MRO is great, but the weekend brings these events, which we wait for all year:

1. Color Wars: The entire camp will divide up into 3 teams and compete in multiple games starting on Friday and ending on Sunday. The winner claims the right to paint a huge set of moose antlers and hoist them up the MRO flagpole on Sunday night.

2. Trip Day: This is when campers can choose their own daytrip from the following list: Rock climbing, a hike on Boundary Bald, two different kayak trips, a survival trip (where campers build shelters and practice outdoor skills), a mountain bike trip, and a trip to a set of waterfalls nearby. This is a great day to get out and put the things we’ve been learning at camp into practice. Time to try that kayak roll out on a real river and put in some extra miles on the bike.

3. Mission Impossible: No one knows the night or the time, but we all know its coming. In this famous night game, we play Mission Impossible with the entire camp lit up by glow sticks.

4. Mud Day: It is what it sounds like. You’ve seen the pictures. Some of you have seen the laundry. Campers compete in hilarious games surrounding (and sometimes in) a huge pit of mud. It’s great fun, and always ends with a dip in the lake to clean off.

Meanwhile, outside of camp, WILD continues to explore new places and learn new skills. WILD 1 joined main camp today for a service day, and will soon hit the water for their first whitewater canoe training. WILD 2 is still out kayaking along the Maine coast. We look forward to their return and the stories they’ll bring with them. Camp continues to be great. Check back on Monday for more updates!

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