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Vintage Camp Sign Auction

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Vintage Camp Sign Auction
This spring, we are hoping to have a little fun while raising funds for scholarships with an online Vintage Camp Sign Auction! All proceeds will benefit the scholarship program and go directly to bringing kids to camp. Summer 2016 is just around the corner and, as always, there are kids who require financial assistance to attend camp, and we need your help to get them here!
Hey, you never know when one of these will come in handy. A beloved camp sign would make a great graduation, birthday, or Father’s Day present or a fabulous dorm room addition – or you could use it to help you propose, like Paul Voge did when he proposed to Maddie Cron last fall. (pictured here)
The Auction will be held entirely on-line and run from May 9-13. Over 20 signs will be auctioned, various sizes and conditions. Check out the auction by following this link. Friday the 13th could be your lucky day! Thanks for your support!

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