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It has been my privilege over the last few weeks to wake up early several mornings, just as the sun is cresting the mountain across the lake. I sip my coffee and enjoy a moment wrapped in silence before I start the day. Those mornings are something I treasure, but an even greater time is here: Summer camp is in full swing!

Now, as I walk along the waterfront, I hear the hum of the ski boat, the cheers of campers on the athletic field, the ping if tetherballs swinging around their pole, and the steady ring of the gong marking the passage of another activity period. So much is happening, and lots of it for the first time:

1. Yesterday marked the first incoming day in our new Welcome Center! All went well, and snacks provided by our camp kitchen made things even better.
2. As I write, our campers are out on stand-up paddleboards for the first time. No doubt this will continue to be a popular activity.
3. After a blustery weekend of strong winds, today’s weather features a calm, steady breeze: Perfect for our first ever camp sailing class!
4. We’ve already had some campers balance on the key-log, and right now the skill seems to still be in its infancy. 10 seconds or so seems to be the time to beat!

Of course, along with everything new, the same things that have always made MRO great are as true today as they have ever been. Our counselors care as much as ever, and the place is as breathtaking in use as it is in the stillness of the morning.

Check in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for more camp updates!

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