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Great Times, Rain or Shine

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Not even the rain could slow camp down yesterday. Campers enjoyed learning how to crochet in crafts, shredding the waves behind the boat, and practicing their best Robin Hood impressions in archery. Today, the sun is out in full-force and campers are thankful for the sunshine in their faces as they learn to cook over a fire, paddle around the lake, or scale the climbing wall. Because campers get to choose new activities each day at breakfast, they enjoy ample opportunities to try new activities and acquire new skills, as well as hone old favorites.

Tonight’s game is a remake of an old arcade favorite: skiball. At MRO, it’s Extreme Skiball. Campers throw balls, hulahoops, pool noodles, and frisbees across the field, where their teammates are waiting to catch them. Points are dependent on which zone objects are thrown into. As you may guess, a madhouse of fun ensues.

Pamola, the youngest girl’s cabin, headed out on their combination canoe and hiking trip yesterday. Their put-in was in Jackman, from which they paddled out to Big Wood Lake. Last night they pitched their tents on the beach and will enjoy the beautiful views over Attean Lake from Sally Mountain today. The youngest boys, the Penobscot cabin, just disappeared into the woods on their way to hike Boundry Bald. Bald can be seen from camp, so if the boys give a loud yell tomorrow as they summit, we may be able to hear them. Cabin trips are consistently the highlight of the summer for campers – the time spent hiking and paddling together inevitably yields many laughs and bonds campers and counselors closer than ever. We know Pamola and Penobscot will return full of stories and we cannot wait to hear all of them!

WILD 2 is finishing up perhaps one of the more difficult challenges of the summer: the 36 hour solo. They will be picked up tonight from their solo spots along the shore of Flagstaff Lake. After a hearty meal of chicken alfredo and a goodnight’s sleep they will continue on their paddle.

WILD 1 spent Wednesday rafting the Kennebec with Windfall. With huge waves and exhilarating drops on the Upper, to whoopie pies at lunch and paddling in duckies (inflatable kayaks) on the Lower, there is never a dull moment during rafting day.

As camp draws near to the end of the first week of this session, friendships continue to flourish and grow, as is evidenced by the almost unceasing laughter heard around Heald Pond.

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