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Color Wars

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How could it already be Friday? The days flew by since opening day, but the weekend is here. With it comes Color Wars: Our three-day series of games pitting the entire camp against itself in three separate teams: Blue, Yellow, and Red. Tonight’s game will be 3-way Trench Dodgeball. This is an experimental twist on an old camp favorite. Normally, Trench Dodgeball is played with the field divided in half, making space for two teams. In this new variation, the field is divided in three, in a peace-sign shape, allowing for three teams to compete simultaneously!

After games, the group will return to Moose Hall for some singing and for the evening Bible Study. This summer we have been studying the Apostle Paul. Night after night, we have followed his long journeys down Roman roads, his dramatic escapes from shipwrecks and angry crowds, and his passionate pleas for the world to see that Jesus loves them, and died to save them. He is certainly a dynamic character, and the study has been a joy to prepare and participate in.

This weekend marks the end of trip season for WILD, and both WILD groups are enjoying their final days on the trail together. By the time this blog is updated again, WILD 2 will have begun their apprenticeship week in main camp, and WILD 1 will be spending their last night on the Appalachian Trail.

The weather continues to cooperate, with only one day of rain so far in this session. We are blessed to be a camp, blessed to be with friends, and blessed to be outside in a place as beautiful as this. Check in again on Monday for more updates.

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