An Open Letter to Our Campers, Part 3

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Dear Campers,

Its finally here. It’s time to get started at Moose River Outpost! We’re thrilled to start something new with you! We’re excited to start learning who you are, what you like to do, what your favorite foods are, and what about camp might make you just a little nervous. We’re thrilled to help you start learning new skills. Be it figuring out how to paddle the J-stroke, rolling a kayak for the first time, getting up on water-skis, or learning to cook over a fire, we can’t wait to show you something new. You’ll also be arriving along with a cabin-full of new friends. They’ll be new names to learn, and even some people from places you’ve never been, like France, Spain, or the Czech Republic. Even if you’re returning to camp for the 5th time, we know you’ll be surrounded by new opportunities when you arrive.

We’re also so glad to turn those beginnings into something older, more meaningful. We look forward to working with you on that skill until practice becomes muscle memory and muscle memory becomes a perfect round at Archery or a flawless run on a mountain bike. We look forward to the end of the session when you’ll look around and wonder how these friends, this MRO family, could ever have been new to you. We even look forward to years beyond that when your memories of shared meals, hikes, sunrises, accomplishments, and team projects become a cherished part of your recollections of these years. We look forward to the start, not just of a new relationship or two, but perhaps a legacy. 25 years from now, will we be hosting your children and your parents grandchildren? We hope so; and we hope when we do that we’ll show them the same attention, kindness, challenge, fun, and example that we’re ready to show you now.

Finally, we look forward to introducing you to old things. Heald Pond has been the site of summer adventures for guests for over 125 years. We have photos from 1920 that show the exact same breathtaking view of Boundary Bald from the lake. More than old, though, the best thing we have to share is timeless. God is, was, and always will be the creator and center of this place. As you enjoy the view or carve up the glassy water on your wakeboard, we hope you’ll recognize his handiwork when you see it. When it comes to God’s work, we hope it won’t stop with this beautiful place, but will permeate your heart and mind, causing you to grow as His man or woman.

We’re so glad you’re here. Welcome to the start of something new, the continuation of something old, and the culmination of something we’ve been preparing for all year.

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