An Open Letter to Our Campers, Part 2

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Dear Campers,

Welcome to a big place where less is more. When you arrive, you’ll be surrounded by 7000 acres of pine trees, rolling hills, and glassy lakeshore. You may feel small at first, but I hope you notice how each staff member will take a moment to pay attention to just you, and you alone. This is a place with more lasting friendships and less “friending.” It’s a place where every hour of the day will be full to the brim with action, but almost none of it needs to be spent reviewing yesterday or worrying about tomorrow. It’s a place with more beautiful views than you may have ever experienced before and yet it’s a place with no Instagram – only the real-time sharing of a beautiful place with the friends who are here, now; who see it in 360 degrees, and experience it with all 5 senses. This is a place where you can try new things and fail safely and without feeling embarrassed. It’s also a place where you will try new things and experience real success – the kind that follows after practice and overcoming the idea that “I can’t”. In your cabins you will find no phones, no wifi, and no 4G coverage; but plenty of clear lines of communication. In the silence of the Maine wilderness, we hope you will hear the voice of God more clearly than ever. We have no podcasts or TED Talks, but the Heavens declare the glory of God and the skies put his craftsmanship on display. We work hard while playing here, and play hard while working. We laugh out loud until our sides hurt, but never ”lol”. We’re so glad you’re joining this family, but we also want to make sure you recognize the value of the one you already have. So as you pack your bags, remember to bring along a pad of paper, some stamps, and a pen so you can participate in the ancient art of letter-writing. You may find that while you can do less on paper than on an iphone it means more to the people back home. Oh, and pack some old sneakers, plenty of rugged clothes, and a t-shirt you can throw out after mud day. This is a hands-on, all-in, full-throttle, change-your-perspective kind of place. It’s also a sit-in-the stillness, stare-wordlessly-at-the-night-sky, chat-around-the-campfire kind of place. Whether your favorite part be diving into the mud pit with reckless abandon or sitting on a rock watching the sunrise, we hope you’re amazed by what you can do when you arrive. See you in a few short hours. We may be a small camp, but you, your growth, your achievement, your friendships, your smiles, your laughs, and your growth as God’s man or woman make this place bigger than any of us have yet understood.

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