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My Family’s Gift to Camp

by Rachel LaPlante, Campfire Circle Member

This past year was the first year my daughter, Cece, was old enough to attend camp Deer Run. We had  previously attended Alumni Camp for several years (which is awesome by the way!) and she felt ready to experience life as a camper without mom and dad. However, going into a cabin without a buddy is hard, so she asked me to invite a friend from school to join her. Honestly, I thought the friend’s mom would say no, but I asked anyway and (surprise to both of us) she said yes! Cece and her friend, Mack, would attend Explorer Club together the first week of Camp.

Fast forward to Incoming Day. We drove down Chestnut Cove Road and saw the Brookwoods and Deer Run signs welcoming us to camp. It was here — my first year dropping off my daughter at camp! We did all the things needed to check in on the front lawn and then headed to the Whitetail cabin where we settled into a bunk with Cece on the bottom and Mack on the top. After a  picture and a hug (followed by an extra hug), my husband and I headed back home.

It was a true joy and privilege to drop my daughter off at camp, a place I loved so much as a camper. And it was even more fun watching the camp family grow as we invited Mack to attend. We also decided to join the Campfire Circle monthly donor program this summer during the Weekend of Giving. After Cece shared all about her week on our drive home, it deepened our family’s desire for the camp family to grow wide and deep. Wide, because God’s love, grace, and promises are for all—for the children in your neighborhood, for the kids at your local school, for your cousins and second cousins and your second cousin’s cousin. Deep, because the friendships and relationships made at camp are set firm on the rock of our salvation in Jesus. Giving of our financial resources allows more children to experience camp and hear the gospel—the good news that our world desperately needs to hear. We pray that our donations will help the camp family to grow wide and deep and that future generations will come to love the Lord through the ministry of camp! 

Rachel and her husband, Andre, met (and began dating) while on staff at Moose River Outpost. They have three daughters and expect to be driving down Chestnut Cove (or the driveway at MRO) many times in the future! Their favorite camp memory from their time on staff is canoeing the Moose River Bow Trip.  Calm waters, beautiful stars, and wonderful memories made with the campers.

*Editor’s Note: We are still in need of 50 new monthly donors to secure an additional $100,000 gift to camp. The minimum requested gift is $15/mo. Find more information on this wonderful opportunity here.

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