Resources For Summer Staff

Timeline & Checklist for Staff:

  • Staff on-line Medical Form: ¬†Staff should fill out their personal health form yearly.
  • Medical Provider Form: All staff are required to have a physical every two years. You can have your doctor fill out this form, or provide the form given to you by your doctor’s office.

The Friday Blog

We’ve got lots of parents and staff who have shared their insights on The Friday Blog.

  • Kid-Sick or Kid-Free-Jubilee?: Tips from a first-time sleepway parent! Dr. Andrea Gurney helps you (yes, you, parents!) get ready to send your kids to camp!
  • What’s in Your Suitcase?: Dr. Andrea Gurney gives us some tips on helping campers having a successful camp experience.
  • Post Camp Re-Entry: Dr. Andrea Gurney talk about how to work with your camper how to transition well (they might be a little sad).
  • Mind Your PQTs: Camp Pastor Lis Schuman talks about the value of PQT at camp.
  • Why We Send Our Children to Camp: Marta Mossburg, camp mom, shares why they send their kids to camp (all the way from Chattanooga)!
  • Lessons Learned: Conor Grennan writes about lessons learned at camp


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