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The heart of our ministry is summer camp. We love providing a vibrant Christian community to hundreds of kids each summer. Here they learn to live with other kids, share meals, explore new skills and experience the beauty of God’s creation. Our staff is highly trained and capable of bringing out the best in all the campers that come through our gates. You can trust us to meet your summer camp needs.

Christian Camps and Conferences, Inc. has 3 camps at two locations. Brookwoods is a boys camp and Deer Run is a girls camp that share separate sides of the same property on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Brookwoods and Deer Run have a long tradition of providing the finest in Christian camping.

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Moose River Outpost is a co-ed camp in the wilds of Northern Maine. Moose River has the advantage of being a smaller, more intimate camping community. Its unique location provides the space to explore the greatness of what God has created.  From peaceful evening meetings to the thrill of rafting down a river, Moose River Outpost is something special in summer camping.