Winter Reunion: Top 10!

Winter Reunion: Top Ten

By Amanda Gagne, Deer Run counselor

After my first summer at camp in 2011, I was hooked. I loved spending my summer out in the sun with friends, and after a couple of years, I had turned into a camp-sick camper. All year I longed to be back with my friends. Thankfully, there is Winter Reunion! Here is a list of my top 10 reasons why you should come this year:

1) Hot Chocolate: This is a great treat on Lazy Days in the summer. It’s even better on a cold New Hampshire day!

2) Winter Reunion shirts: What could be better than camp swag? I love camp t-shirts and the ones we get at Winter Reunion are no exception.

3) Winter Wonderland: I love winter, and camp is so so beautiful covered in a blanket of snow. If the ice on the lake is frozen/deep enough, we might even be able to walk out on it—which is a really cool unique experience.

4) Broomball: In the summer, we have the annual Staff vs. LDP soccer game. But in the winter, we have broomball! Broomball is similar to hockey and is played in the Deer Run parking lot. It requires zero skill, anyone can play, and it’s hilarious.

5) Sledding: This is one of my favorite winter activities. The Deer Run back hill is the perfect place to go sledding. You can even catch some air if you hit the jump just right!

Zoom in to see DR cabins and the Blob.

6) Gingerbread House (ahem—Cabin) Contest: Think graham crackers, icing, and candy….and you get campy gingerbread houses. It is super fun to hang out with friends and create crazy houses. I made this with my friends in 2016.

7) New Year’s Eve: We all know camp is one of the best places on earth; there is no better way to ring in the new year than being at camp!

8) Hanging out with friends: I have found that my camp relationships are like no other. It is so fun to be back in-person and spend time with friends.

9) Make new friends: At Winter Reunion, there are often people who were in the same cabin but went to a different session. It is so cool being able to swap stories and compare experiences.

10) Worship: My favorite part about camp is when we get to worship together. It is so special being able to come together, worship, sing, and learn about God. If you’re anything like me, I’m ready for “My Lighthouse.” (Extra bonus, Pastor Gwen will be teaching about how to live a BOLD life for Christ.)

Hopefully, my “top ten” encourages you to come to Winter Reunion. It will be so fun to be back together enjoying crisp winter air and fluffy snow. Do not forget to bring some extra layers to keep warm. I hope to see you there! Campers, here’s the link to sign up. Staff, email Ben!

Amanda is a senior at St Michael’s College in Colchester, VT, studying mechanical engineering. She’s a Winter Reunion expert, as this will be her seventh Winter Reunion, which might actually be a record (excluding full time staff)!

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