Winter Reunion Photos

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What is it about friendships from camp that allows us to be away for months and pick up right where we left off?

Ok. I admit it. Facebook doesn’t hurt.

But there’s something else too. A certain understanding that we’ve done something only a few people in the world have done.

We’ve climbed Boundary Bald, we’ve felt the air compress as a dodgeball whizzes by a fraction of an inch from our ear, and we’ve consumed more sticky buns than we’d like to admit. We know what Honker Houzer is, and every time we hear a gong, we get hungry.  We’re MRO to the core and proud of it.

Less than 800 people have ever experienced MRO summer camp. Maybe that’s why it feels so great to gather together each winter for a reunion over New Years Day. Check out to photos below to see what you missed or relive the fun if you were there.

IMG_1163 IMG_1174


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