Summer Camp Update: July 9

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IMG_1138Can it really be Thursday? Is it really campfire night already? It certainly is, and it’s been a great two weeks. Now we begin the grand finale! Tonight we enjoy a night together around the campfire. We’ll sing camp songs and recall some of the amazing things we experienced over the last 2 weeks. Of course, make no mistake, this is MRO, so this won’t be a matches and marshmallows style of campfire. It will be lit with a 4-foot torch and will reach at least 20 feet into the night sky.

Tomorrow we’ll set out on the trip we’ve all be waiting for. Its rafting day! The kids will be rafting the Kennebec river. After a day of hard paddling, big water, and bigger adventure, our campers will return home to banquet night. A turkey dinner with all the trimmings awaits, and by then no doubt we’ll all be hungry.

Tomorrow night, we’ll also take some time to commemorate all of our camper’s achievements. We’ll be passing out awards and recognizing progress in archery, skeet shooting, survival, sailing, kayaking, mountain biking, and lots more. We expect a great time together.

These two weeks have gone fast. Our rainy incoming day seems like it was just a couple days ago, but the reality is that in these weeks we’ve paddled, hiked, and played our way through God’s world and had a great time doing it. We look forward to one last adventure together tomorrow and then the start of a new session. Check in on Sunday for the first update of our second camp session.

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