Summer Camp Update July 30

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waterfrontToday, the sun continues to shine brightly over camp and our beautiful weather continues. It’s been a popular week to spend time at the waterfront, with high temps making activities like stand-up paddle boarding and waterskiing all the more inviting. That’s not to say that our campers aren’t busy elsewhere though. We’ve had lots of action at rock climbing, archery, and all our other activities as well.

Pamola cabin set out in canoes today. The girls will be paddling down the nearby Moose River into Long Pond, where they will camp tonight. The route follows the final sections of the famous Moose River Bow and will feature numerous opportunities to see moose grazing along the side of the river.

The boys of Saco cabin are also out today. They’ll be hiking along the Appalachian Trail, and staying the night in a lean-to just north of Monson, Maine. Their trip should bring them great views and an opportunity to explore new sections of trail and forest.

Meanwhile both WILD groups are preparing to come off the trail for the final time of the summer. WILD 2 returns to camp today after ascending the Bigelow Mountain Range. They’ll be beginning Wilderness First Aid training tomorrow and by Sunday they’ll be certified and trained in the art of caring for wounds and outdoor maladies in the backwoods.

WILD 1 is hiking a different section of the Appalachian Trail today, but will return to camp on Sunday to continue their training here. Yesterday they completed the perfect rafting day: Huge waves on the river and sun so hot the cool water was welcome.

All throughout camp, we are working hard at playing hard. We’re thankful for God’s creation: A place to play and be challenged, and a place to see God’s workmanship first-hand.

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