Summer Camp Update: July 2nd

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Camp activities continue here at MRO and after more rain yesterday, we are again thankful for beautiful weather today. We’re prepared for the rain and even enjoy it for a time, but the sun is always a welcome sight.

Two of our trips have already returned with great stories from the trail. The boys of Saco cabin and Penobscot cabin both hiked in the same area this week. The Saco boys, our oldest boys in camp went in first and set up camp, complete with tents and a rain tarp for cooking before the Penobscot boys hit the trail. This turned out to be a great situation for Penobscot, as the boys arrived at their campsite in a rain storm, but could quickly get set up in the dry tents that awaited them. They continued from there to have great food on the trail and a good hike together before returning today.

Meanwhile the Saco boys, before leaving behind dry tents, had an adventure of their own. On Big Moose Mountain, the boys were enjoying their lunch at the summit when a helicopter flew by overhead. After the first pass, the sound seemed to come closer and closer until finally, the helicopter flew so nearby overhead that the pilot could wave to the boys below as they finished their lunch. Of course the view was great, but an up-close view of a helicopter in action is what most of the boys will remember.

For the rest of camp, the week has gone smoothly right here on property. The girls of Pamola have been welcoming us with a cheer at morning lineup most days and setting the tone with an always-joyful spirit. The boys of Kennebec have been leading the way in games and activity areas, with several of them already earning awards in mountain biking and archery.

This afternoon, camp life continues to move on one thrill at a time. As I write we have campers on the climbing wall and floating along on stand-up paddleboards. In short, its another great day at MRO.

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