Summer Camp Update July 21

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mro-fishingTuesday is here. The weather has been hot and beautiful. With dinner just minutes away, the air is cooling down as new weather blows in, and gorgeous clouds begin to surround the lower portions of Boundary Bald Mountain.

Today featured a number of important events in camp. WILD 2 returned from their sea kayaking adventures on the Maine coast after having had beautiful weather nearly the entire time. Their stories are just beginning to come out but we look forward to hearing more from them after they’ve had a chance to clean up from the trip and get settled at the WILD site again. WILD 1 leaves tomorrow for their week-long canoeing adventure on the Moose River. They’ll begin just a few short miles from our driveway and end at the headwaters of the Kennebec River, where they’ll be met by raft guides for a run down class 4 whitewater in whitewater rafts.

In the rest of the camp program, other trips are coming and going. Our campers have returned from Acadia National park with great stories from their climbing and mountain biking experiences. Cloud cover took away some of the views, but the campers all seem to agree the climbing itself was a great experience and the trip was a success. Others are returning today from a fishing trip on Indian Pond. They were catching bass and perch. While we’re proud of the native brook trout here at Heald Pond, our fishing crew always enjoys an opportunity to catch and identify a different species.

We’re entering the final days of our camp session already. Its amazing its come this fast, but also exciting to know all the still lies ahead. Our rafting day is coming soon, and in the coming days campers will be wrapping up awards and putting the finishing touches on the new skills they’ve acquired. Check in again on Thursday for another update.

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