Summer Camp Update: July 19th

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It’s middle Sunday here and the weather is perfect. That is to say, its raining. That’s exactly what we IMG_3674want today though, because today is Mud Day at MRO! We’re playing steal-the-bacon, tug-of-war, and slip-and-slide on this wet and wild day! The rain is most definitely welcome and not slowing us down a bit.

Tomorrow we begin our second-week trips. Our campers can choose from a whole list of options including a fishing trip on Long Pond; a waterfall hike/swim at nearby Slidedown Falls; a day of disc-golf in Fairfield, Maine; or a trip to Acadia National Park for rock climbing and mountain biking on the cliffs and carriage roads of the Maine coast.  No doubt these will be the highlight of the session for many of our campers.

IMG_1301WILD, of course, is already out on the trail. WILD 1 summited Coburn Mountain today and will return to us this evening for a night in their base camp here on Heald Pond. WILD 2 is continuing their kayaking journey along the Maine coast and will return on Tuesday, no doubt with great stories and a great suntans.

For any and all of our camper groups, one thing remains true. We are surrounded by, immersed in, and sometimes even saturated by God’s amazing creation. From the morning mist as it rises off the pond to the evening Loon calls that lull us to sleep, we are blessed to be in this place and thankful for the adventures of each new day.

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