Summer Camp Update: August 6th

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We’re so proud of our very accomplished campers! The session is coming to a close this Saturday, but we’re pleased to announce that before then several of our campers will be getting some prestigious MRO awards!

IMG_1078Our WILD 2 campers, on completion of their 2-summer program, will be receiving their carbon-fiber whitewater paddles. By developing their paddling, their knowledge of the Bible, and their leadership skills, they’ve earned the right to be called WILD graduates and to be seen using the white paddle blade of a WILD paddler from now on. WILD 1 is half way there and will receive their paddles next summer.

Meanwhile, other campers are receiving awards as well. We’ve had two campers complete their rock climbing masters award which, among other things, requires that they ascend a route rated 5.10 in the Yosemite Decimal System. This is a route so hard only two or three of our 30 staff members can climb it! Another camper will be receiving his wakesports masters. This means he has mastered both slalom skiing and wakeboarding. His accomplishments include completing the slalom bouy course on the pond and completing a “180 grab” on a wakeboard: Both serious challenges even for an accomplished skier or boarder.

Awards at MRO are hard-won and worth being proud of, regardless of whether it’s a Basic, an Advanced, or a Activity12Masters. Every camper is capable of great things at MRO and we’re proud of how they’ve proven it this summer. For details on our award system, click HERE.

Also, check in on the blog and the MRO Facebook page throughout the rest of the year. We’ll be hard at work editing video footage from this summer showcasing the abilities of our campers and the various elements of the activity areas here at camp. Make sure to follow @Moose_River_Outpost on Instagram as well.

Thanks for a great summer everyone, and let’s stay in touch!

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