Summer Camp Update: August 4

Tags Moose River Outpost

This Tuesday is another action packed day at Moose River Outpost. We’re thrilled to have the WILD 2 campers joining main camp this week for their apprenticeship week – the capstone of the Wilderness Intensive Leadership Development Program. They’re shadowing our counselors and learning from them as they lead camp. WILD 1 is busy as well. Yesterday they competed in the annual WILD Olympics with events in everything from swimming, to running and mountain biking.

Tonight is a special night in camp. The boys are out on the athletic field playing European Speedball, our traditional MRO Guy’s Night game. They’re also upholding another time-honored Guy’s night tradition: Eating their steak dinner with their hands! The ladies are out for adventures of their own, and will finish the night off by launching paper lanterns out over the lake. If you’ve never seen this before it’s a beautiful sight and a great time of bonding for the group.

Tomorrow our last daytrips hit the road. They’ll be white-water kayaking and playing disc-golf. If the trips we’ve sent out so far are any indication they’ll come back with big smiles and great stories. Our Acadia trip was a huge success and the campers and staff enjoyed the place so much they tacked on a short hike to the climbing and biking we had expected!

Camp continues to be a daily reminder of the goodness of our God, and the beauty of His creation. We’re thankful for this place, and grateful for the friends we get to share it with.

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