MRO’s Greatest Resource

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Standing at the waterfront, with the familiar view of Boundary Bald dominating the background, it’s easy to think that these 7000 acres of land are our greatest resource. Without a doubt, our camp is overwhelmingly beautiful, and our very identity has a lot to do with these trails, trees, and fields. But today, camp became something immeasurably greater, when 50 boys and girls arrived to enjoy the place to its fullest.

“Camp is about the campers.” It’s a tired phrase we camp directors use to remind those we work with that the kids’ needs always come first. It’s not just a guilt trip for exuberant staff members though. Camp really is about the kids: They embody the spirit of everything MRO stands for. We salute their laughter, their bravery in trying something new, their loyalty in returning to the community they love and their natural drive to grow, learn, develop.

Finally, we salute their parents. Thank you Moms and Dads for entrusting your precious children to Moose River Outpost for the next two weeks. We realize how precious they are to you, and that in many ways your world has been revolving around them for the last 11+years. Now that they’re here, we look forward to sharing this place with them, and spinning our world around them as best we can for the next two weeks. What a world it is, full of great times, adventures, and the undeniable evidence of God’s own craftsmanship all around us.

Camp is underway, and we’re thankful for every camper who’s here adding to the fun. Camp is for them, but they’re also the best thing about the place.

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