First Week Trip Update

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By the end of today, every cabin in camp will have returned from their overnight cabin trip. Each camper will have experienced what it’s like to venture unto the outdoors, sleep in a tent, cook over a fire, and function as a team.

The boys from Androscoggin backpacked their way to scenic Notch Pond. Despite intermittent rain throughout the trip, they stopped to make trail improvements along the way and had a great time doing it!


The girls from Baxter experienced rainstorms and even some hail on their canoe trip! Nonetheless they had a great time setting up a rain-ready campsite and catching these beautiful photos during those peaceful moments after the weather had passed. The girls were undaunted by the rain. If anything, it served to draw the group closer together as a team.

The Penobscot boys took to our very own Boundary Bald Mountain for their trip (this is the mountain we can see directly across our lake, and it features prominently in many camp photos, including the banner image for this page). The view was, as always, spectacular. From the top of the mountain they could see camp. They could also see the lingering rainstorms from the previous days, now miles away.

Much like the other cabins in camp, Kennebec also experienced rain on their trip, but it was the perfect camper’s rain. Their site was setup before it started, and the rain continued all night until just before the group broke camp to return home. Rather than returning with wet boots, the boys came home with stories of the sound of rain pattering away on their tents.

The Saco boys enjoyed perfect weather as they paddled from the Moose River to Long Pond. They had the wind at their backs across the pond, which made for easy paddling. They also saw two bald eagles, one of which dove and caught a fish as they watched! Due to the clear skies, several of them slept on the beach of their campsite, enjoying the starry skies by night and the mist rising off the pond in the morning.

Pamola cabin took to the woods with backpacks and hiked their way to Eagle Rock, for beautiful views of the surrounding area. They’ll return today, and we’ll hear their stories then, but we know that their weather was perfect, with clear skies and no doubt great views.

Now the schedule turns to our weekend games, kicking off tonight with the famous MROlympics! Campers will compete in a variety of events, ranging from familiar sports to crazy camp games. Keep checking the blog for more updates and info. Also, make sure to check out our Facebook page and Instagram feed for photos and updates every day.


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