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What camp means to me

Camp for me is one of the greatest places on earth. It is a beautiful sanctuary away from technology and the negative influences of the world. I have gone for 5 summers now, and every time I go, I continue to be amazed at the growth in my relationships with Jesus Christ and the new friendships I always make with my cabin mates. I have been to other Christian camps and what sets this one apart from any other place in the world is it has a perfect blend of fun activities and games and learning about Jesus Christ. Other camps try to force-feed you Christianity and they fail. Camp Brookwoods and Deer Run succeed in my opinion because they recognize that we are still kids and they don’t overwhelm us with faith. They have some of the coolest activities as well.

At camp I have been able to try new things that I couldn’t do at home because of many reasons. I did Random Explosions, an improve acting class my first year here and loved it. I never thought of acting and drama as fun things to do because I am more of the sporty type of person. But Daniel Shubert told me to try it and I have done it in 4 out of my 5 summers at camp. I also tried archery which is something that is pretty hard to do outside of camp and thanks to Wynn Byker, I was able to succeed and earn the American Archer award. Overall, camp means the world to me. It’s a spectacular place where you are surrounded by terrific Christian brothers and sisters all striving to be closer to God. Because of the great atmosphere, I always make leaps and bounds forward in my relationship with God and have more fun doing activities and playing camp games than anywhere else in the world.

Andrew A.
Brookwoods Camper Age 15

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