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We are accepting on-line applications for two positions at Christian Camps and Conferences.

Position Opening #1 – Camp Registrar

Christian Camps and Conferences, Inc. has an opening for a full-time position as the Camp Registrar.  This individual has the responsibility to work with our Camp Directors to enroll approximately 1200 campers for summer experiences at Camp Brookwoods, Camp Deer Run and Moose River Outpost.  Some specific skills include a high level of comfort with using Macintosh computers, e-mailing parents, working with the camp database,  excellent communication skills on the phone while working with parents.   Strong organization skills are required in order to maintain accurate records.    This person must be self-motivated, show initiative, is resourceful and creative, and completely accept and support the Christian Camps and Conferences, Inc.  Mission Statement.  This is a full-time position with benefits, and the office is located in Alton, New Hampshire.  Apply only through the camp website at… phone calls please.

Job Description:Camp Registrar

SUMMARY:The Registrar is an integral part of the camp office team, and is responsible for coordinating paperwork and administrative tasks for the summer programs, organizing the pre-camp paperwork, and is responsible for the intake, screening, and management of camper information.  The Registrar also is the first phone contact person for all people calling the organization.

REPORT TO:Executive Director

• Respond to all forms of communication: e-mail, mail, telephone, fax, website.
• Collaborate with the camp office staff to improve paperflow for campers, including application/brochure materials, daily schedules, registration, and policies.
• Organize and mail packets to enrolled campers, and new information packages.
• Coordinate camper related paperwork.
• Maintain a variety of files and forms for the purpose of documenting and/or providing reliable information relative to camper and staff records.
• Maintain the camp databases, including updating contact information.
• Prepare and disseminate informational lists (i.e. Cabin Lists, Parent Mailings) to the administrative staff during the summer.
• Establish camper accounts for billing, and adjust the accounts appropriately when payments are submitted.

• Administrative support for other program areas as related to camp families.

• Pack and ship Lost-N-Found to the families at conclusion of camp.



Camp/Organization: Christian Camps and Conferences, Inc. (ACA Accredited)

Location: Alton, NH

Type of Position: Administrative

Time Frame: Year Round; will required some weekends during summer.

Salary: Salary is dependent upon experience.


  • A college degree is preferred.
  • Strong computer skills. Must possess an understanding of computer systems including Microsoft Word, Excel, spreadsheets, databases, accounting procedures, and good business practices.
  • Extreme accuracy in the input and maintenance of database records.
  • Ability to learn quickly and take on new tasks.
  • Strong organization skills and attention to detail are crucial to this position.
  • This position requires the ability to communicate effectively with a variety of people as well as the ability to manage multiple tasks and deadlines with minimal supervision.
  • Working knowledge and comfort with social media (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, etc.).
  • Skills in working with families, some conflict resolution.
  • Maintain positive and professional relationships with staff and camper families.
  • Must enjoy phone contact with camper parents, etc.

Position Opening #2 – Director of Ministry Services

General Responsibilities

Work with the Executive Director of Christian Camps and Conferences Inc. to execute the mission statement of the organization through the operation of Camp Brookwoods, Camp Deer Run, Moose River Outpost and support the conferences, and other ministry opportunities during the off-season.   The role of the Director is to provide the energy of leadership, to work to enhance, organize, and affect the spirit of the organization in every way possible. Responsible for the overall well-being of the New Hampshire Support Staff on a day-by-day basis during the summer season, preparation for the summer in the “off season”, able to “pull levers” and make things happen procedurally, answerable to the Executive Director, and beholden to the welfare of the Organization.  The role requires capability to favorably represent the organization to outside groups, as well as practical daily skills necessary to manage and lead the camp.


The candidate must subscribe to the organization’s statement of faith.

The person shall exhibit a healthy Christian testimony and have attended and support an evangelical Bible believing church.

It is required that the individual meets the requirements of the American Camp Association standards for a Camp Director.  In the 2017 Standards, this includes two prior seasons of administrative capacity in an organized camp, ability to obtain 5 hours of professional development training per year and be at least 25 years of age.

Preferably the candidate shall be married.  The candidate will not be divorced at the time or in the past.  No preference of gender is implied with this document, but for the purpose of this job description, when a pronoun is required, the Director shall be referenced as “he”.

Because of potential driving requirements of summer campers, the individual’s driving record but must be approved by the organization’s insurance company and have a spotless background and reputation.

BA or BS degree required, MA, MS, MBA or PhD preferred.

Specific Responsibilities:


 The Director of Ministry Services needs to have the ability to lead the staff in the absence of the Executive Director, and to know the “systems” of camp and how to maintain their smooth operation.  This involves knowledge of everything from pipes to insurance; skills typically required for a small business with a relatively small permanent staff. The Director sets the tone of the Support Staff under his authority.   This is also reflected in careful and prayful hiring of the seasonal support staff.  On a daily basis the New Hampshire Food Service Director, Facility Director, Registrar, IT staff and HR team will report to The Director of Ministry Services.


The Director of Ministry Services is responsible to hire the required seasonal staffing to support the ministry. In 2018 this represents approximately 50 staff members.  Part of this involves having a working knowledge of State and National legal issues involving Human Resources and to ensure the organizations staff manuals are up-to-date.


The Director of Ministry Services is responsible to ensure the consistency and relevance of the summer programs, working alongside the other seasonal Directors, and the Executive Director.    He is responsible for keeping up with current camping trends through involvement with outside organizations and is responsible to ensure that seasonal staff receives the proper training each year.


The Director of Ministry Services is responsible for the presentation to the Executive Director each year of the annual budget for associated support services.   This budget shall reflect the goals and programs of the organization.  Once approved by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors, the Director of Ministry Services shall perform the mission of the organization within the guidelines of the approved budget.

The Camp Community

This position has a high degree of visibility, and the Director must often accomplish duties and responsibilities that reflect that position.  This can range from interactions with concerned parents, potential donor cultivation, and civic and regional responsibilities expected of someone in a leadership position.

Camping Field

Attend regional and national Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) conferences for the purpose of strengthening the camp’s body of knowledge for the operation of Christian Camps and keep up with current trends.  Promote and support CCCA efforts through involvement in regional or national boards.

Attend regional and national American Camp Association (ACA) conferences for the purpose of strengthening the camp’s body of knowledge for the camping industry and keep up with current trends. Promote and support ACA efforts through involvement in regional or national boards.

Support other camping and church ministries as long as they are consistent with our mission statement. This includes the New Hampshire Camp Directors Association (NHCDA).


The Director is responsible as the point person of the annual marketing plan that results in the maximum amount of filled beds for the seasonal camping session.   In this role he will ensure tasks are completed and scheduled coordinated and maintained.  In 2018 this equated to approximately 1000 regular campers and 75 enrolled in the various leadership development programs.


The Director must have the ability and desire to work with his hands to enhance the camp property as needed, working with the Facility Staff and other staff as needed from time to time.


While the Executive Director, and Development Director, are ultimately responsible for overseeing the implementation and execution of a Development Plan, the Director of Ministry Services will be also involved through maintaining good relations with donors as they are on property, and working with the staff and Board of Directors on large-scale projects, such as Capital Campaigns.  The goal is to continue to see a smooth growth in the annual fund and to continue to keep alumni and donors involved in the ministry.

Ministry Impact

The mission success of the organization is not totally measured by the amount of money in the bank, the number of campers or the continued reputation of the organization.   Mission success is measured by the Christian impact the ministry has on those who are touched by interaction with the various components of the ministry.  The Director of Ministry Services is charged with maintaining an atmosphere of positive Christian impact.

Additional Skills and Tasks

The Director must be able to effectively write, make a presentation and be comfortable in front of parents, staff and donors.   Computer skills are a must, including EXCEL, WORD, Keynote, FileMaker, as well as electronic media techniques such as e-mail and social networking techniques.

The individual must be comfortable with the use of social media and on-line accounts such as the camp webpage and YouTube channel.

A portion of the “off-season” work might also involve aiding support the ministry of the Brookwoods Conference Center, which hosts approximately 7000 guests each season.

Salary and Benefits

For all services rendered by the Director, the organization shall pay a base salary. Due to the nature of the position, the Camp may require that the Director live on grounds when camp is in session.  The Director and any family shall be expected to utilize the Camp food services when in operation.

The Director and any dependents are eligible to participate in any existing small group insurance plan for major medical and dental already provided to the other full-time employees of the organization.

The Director shall be eligible to participate in the 401(k) matching retirement plan.  The camp will match Employee contributions up to 10% of the Employee’s base salary, less value of food and housing.  The 401(k) plan contains a 3-year vesting portion for the Camp match, which is based on date of service.

The Director shall also be entitled to sick leave, holidays, and annual vacations consistent with the Camp’s policies, which shall be as follows:

Sick Leave: Ten working days sick leave with pay is granted for each full year of employment. Sick leave may be accumulated to a maximum of 30 days per year.  Sick days are for illness only and are not to be used for “personal” reasons.

Holidays:  The organization observes, basically, nine holidays, depending of the day of the week and season of the year: New Year’s Day, Washington’s Birthday, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving (including day after Thanksgiving), and Christmas.   If the holiday falls during a work period when Guest related work needs to be accomplished, a compensation day shall be taken when convenient.

Vacation Time:  3 weeks per year taken prior to May 15th, and after Labor Day.

The Director shall also be entitled to receive reimbursement for travel expenses incurred by Employee in connection with the duties and is encouraged to use camp provided transportation when available.

 Performance Review

The Director of Ministry Services shall participate in an annual performance review system initiated by the Executive Director.   The review process is to provide structured feedback on performance, suggested areas of improvement, and highlighting areas of strength.

Specific Summer Responsibilities:

  1. Selection of the Support Staff, and their care and development during the summer.
  2. Responsible to see that all supplies are ordered before the camp season begins, and existing equipment is fully operational.
  3. Assist Executive Director in preparing the agenda for Staff Orientation/Training.
  4. Work with Executive Director to develop and maintain safety standards throughout camp.
  5. Set the spiritual tone for camp in the first few meetings with the Support Staff.
  6. Work closely with the Senior Staff to coordinate all phases of the camp program.
  7. Lead the ACA Accreditation Program for the organization.
  8. Promptly communicate with staff all necessary information relative to their jobs.
  9. Serves as Christian role model and mentor to all staff and campers.
  10. Coordinate an extensive meal program schedule with the New Hampshire Food Service Director.
  11. Work with the Facility Director to maintain a schedule of maintenance tasks, both seasonal and long-term capital projects.
  12. Work with camp staff to maintain an equipment inventory list.