Winnipesaukee Weekends

Winnipesaukee Weekends at Brookwoods and Deer Run

Winni mapAfter facing the reality of not running traditional summer camp sessions this season, we wanted to find another way to share camp activities and our beautiful spot on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee! We are excited to invite your family to come stay for a long weekend here at camp! The weekend will include housing, meals, and some great camp activities with our creative staff for your family to enjoy.

We miss our camp family and look forward to hosting as many families as possible. Housing options and weekend dates will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t delay, reserve your weekend on Lake Winnipesaukee in three easy steps today!

To comply with currently existing State guidelines (as of July 10, 2020) the following expectations will be maintained during the weekend:

  1. Families will be assigned individual cabins and remain in their “social distancing” unit for a mask-free environment.
  2. A mask is required when social distancing cannot be maintained, for you, as much as for others.
  3. Camp staff will maintain a regular schedule for cleaning and sanitizing public spaces and will wear masks when unable to social distance.
  4. Activity areas will be sanitized in between activity periods.
  5. In the Dining Hall,  camp will provide adequate distance and achieve less than 50% capacity between tables when indoor seating is required for meals.
  6. Families own responsibility for their health care and supervision of their children. If you or a member of your family is feeling at all unwell prior to arrival, please call the office to reschedule your weekend, or request a refund.
  7. Food Service will be making preparations, serving, and clean up adjustments per the State guidelines.
  8. If you live OUTSIDE New England, each participant will be asked to sign a document attesting that they have remained at home for at least 14 days before arrival in New Hampshire, only going out for essential items or outdoor exercise; and when outside the home, maintained social distancing and wore face coverings when within 6 feet of another person. Download this document, print it out and sign.  It must be presented upon arrival.
  9. It is in everyone’s best interest to “self-quarantine” a few weeks before camp to limit the chance of exposure. After being careful for two weeks, continue to be vigilant on your way TO camp when using public facilities. Masks and hand sanitizer should be utilized.  Initially, we will be conducting a brief “health screening” (temperature check) at check in when we collect your paperwork.
  10. Consider the impact of any particular health issues you or your child might be facing. COVID-19 appears to have the greatest impact on those over 65, but also those who have asthma, are immunocompromised or with severe obesity. If you have concerns, talk to your family doctor.
  11. We do NOT allow “Day Visitors” for the weekend.

We anticipate some of the State “guidelines” might be lifted as the season goes forward and we will adjust as necessary. For a complete description of the current expectations, and a packing list, please click HERE.

Some of the weekends have “themes”; this is to help those folks know what is the “best” weekend to attend. The theme does not restrict others to attend that weekend. For example, July 30th to August 2nd is a MRO Gathering, but you don’t need to be a part of the MRO community to attend.

View a sample Winnipesaukee Weekend Daily Schedule.

Step #1: Choose Your Weekend Date

Available Weekends Dates Theme
Weekend 7: August 6th to August 9th – WAIT LIST – Call Dorothy at 603-875-3600
Weekend 8: August 13th to August 16th – WAIT LIST – Call Dorothy at 603-875-3600
Weekend 9: August 20th to August 23rd – WAIT LIST – Call Dorothy at 603-875-3600

Can’t get in this summer?  Then check out this link for information on our Fall Family Getaways!

Step #2: Choose Your Weeknd Date

Cost* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Deer Run Cabins (14 beds) $625 $725 $825 $900 $1000 $1100 $1200 $1300 $1400 $1500 $1600
Deer Run Cabins (6 beds) $575 $625 $725 $825
Deer Run Private Rooms $325 $450
Deer Run Whitetail Cabin (12 beds) $675 $775 $875 $950 $1050 $1150 $1250 $1350 $1450
The Eagle Cabin $750 $850 $950 $1050 $1150
The Lawn Cottage $600 $700
Brookwoods Cabins (14 beds- Use Shower House) $525 $625 $725 $800 $900 $1000 $1100 $1200 $1300 $1400 $1500
Brookwoods Cabins (6 beds- Use Shower House) $450 $525 $625 $725
Brookwoods Cabins (4 beds- Use Shower House) $350 $450 $525
The Ranger Cabin (14 beds- Shower included) $625 $725 $825 $900 $1000 $1100 $1200 $1300 $1400 $1500 $1600
Loon Private Rooms $325 $450 $575 $600

*Cost is for # of People in your family unit (FREE for age 3 and under)

Step #3: Complete the Form

Given the uncertain nature of today’s environment, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the weekend based on signups.  If that occurs, you will be notified immediately and all deposits returned.