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kitchen renovations

Essential renovations will bring the Kitchen into compliance with New Hampshire law and will also provide increased efficiency. The 1983 kitchen and dining hall meet current day standards and served 180 per meal. However, for years, the kitchen has served over 400 at each meal. Lack of adequate storage space for fresh, frozen and dry goods requires daily food deliveries. Additional space will allow us to purchase increased quantities at lower costs, as well as provide an opportunity to take advantage of occasional special pricing.

kitchen renovations

The rise in the number of campers who have food allergies demand additional zones that prevent cross contamination. In total, by creating a highly functional space we ensure compliance, we create a more efficient facility, we “right-size” its capacity to current and anticipated needs, and we reduce operating costs.

This is a view of the new kitchen addition which will be located between the existing Dining Hall and Moose Hall.