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Wapiti Cabin at Deer Run

wapiti cabin

The Wapiti Cabin is the last cabin outlined in the current Master Plan of Facilities that was developed in 1997. Currently this “cabin” is still located inside Deer Run Lodge. Once relocated, we will add two additional private rooms in the vacated space inside Deer Run Lodge. This has value to both summer and conference programs. For camp, additional private rooms allow us to pursue more married staff couples to serve in the summer. It also increases conference income, since we regularly sell-out our private rooms during conference ministry weekends.

Cabins at Moose River Outpost

mro cabin

The ministry vision calls for growth at Moose River Outpost (MRO) from 48 to 96 campers. This requires four additional cabins. Cabins constructed from log cabin kits will be assembled on a full foundation to ensure long-term stability. Cabins are designed with hot water and two showers, sinks, and toilets. Insulation and underground water lines allow for usage in non-summer months, expanding the usage for conference ministry and year-round impact. In keeping with the naming tradition established at MRO, the cabins will be named Magalloway, Katahdin and Bigelow. The picture below is of the Katahdin cabin which was completed in time for the summer of 2012.