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First, it is about relationships. YOU are the HERITAGE! Our mission at Brookwoods, Deer Run and Moose River Outpost is to foster vibrant Christian communities located in awe-inspiring outdoor settings in which young people are spiritually transformed through Christ-centered relationships. It’s all about relationships!

When the Board of Directors initiated this Capital campaign, we never dreamed about the joy of re-connecting with alumni and their families from over 50 years ago! We have had so many people express their appreciation for camp and the way it transformed lives. Through this campaign we hope to enable those connections. We continue to actively strengthen relationships via the web site, Facebook, alumni camp, cookie camp, man camp, father daughter canoe trip, and winter reunions.

Secondly, it is about making camp more accessible for kids. That involves more spaces at camp through additional cabins, and more scholarship money available to help make the camp experience possible. Some people think that camp is expensive, and we agree, it IS an investment in your kids. Camping is not an impulse purchase. We can assure you that we do all we can to keep the cost of camp as low as possible while still offering campers an excellence experience. We don’t have the backing of a church denomination, and we don’t have an endowment we can dip into if we have a lean year. It is the desire of the Board of Directors to see camp more accessible to kids that would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend. Everyone deserves the chance to attend camp, regardless of their socio-economic situation, where they live, or if they are Red Sox fans or not. Heaven will be filled with a diverse group of Believers and we want camp to reflect that future experience. The establishment of a Scholarship Endowment Fund will help us reach those goals and provide for future generations of campers.

Third, it is about taking care of the things we have and it is about making sure the next generation has facilities that reflect the type of excellence we seek to instill in all our programs at Brookwoods, Deer Run and Moose River outpost. Tuition goes to the operation of the camp, and we need the generosity of others when we build cabins, fix boathouses or replace trip lockers. Since the 1990’s we have had to utilize double sittings in the Dining Hall which hinders the ability for some key relationships to be formed and modeling between the senior staff and the younger campers. We look forward to the day when we can all eat together, and all be a part of the same crazy birthday skit or trip song.