COVID Information

Camp will be open this summer…Praise the Lord!

We continue to monitor COVID guidelines issued by the State of New Hampshire and Maine, we are aware of the existing recommendations and regulations, and feel comfortable announcing our intention to open Brookwoods and Deer Run, and Moose River Outpost on schedule, June 27th.

Our first and primary concern is the health and safety of our campers and staff. In close consultation with our full-time staff, seasonal staff, experts, and our medical team, we have developed what we believe to be a sound plan. We understand that parents and campers might have questions about the impact COVID will have on the camp programs, so we want to share all this information with you and your family.

The major issues or changes will be:

• Testing will be required of all campers [and staff] within 7 days of arrival at all our camps.  This is the parents responsibility.

• Testing will be required of all campers on incoming day at Brookwoods and Deer Run.  Camp will be responsible for this test.

• Testing will be required of all campers [and staff] on day 4 at Moose River Outpost.  Camp will be responsible for this test.

• Testing will be required of all campers [and staff] on day 5 at Brookwoods and Deer Run.  Camp will be responsible for this test.

•  Any campers and staff who have been fully vaccinated, or experienced COVID in the 90 days prior to their camp attendance, will not have to be tested. Please bring proof of vaccination for verification or COVID diagnosis from a Doctor when you come you camp. You can also sent it to camp prior to incoming day.  “Fully Vaccinated” means all shots (or single shot) have been completed two weeks prior to camp.

• Masks will not be required when within the cabin “cohort”, or for most outside activities; but outside of established cohorts, and if social distancing cannot be maintained, we will ask campers and staff to wear masks.

• The activity program will be adjusted, and we will be introducing strict cleaning and hand washing protocols. Masks might need to be worn in certain situations or activities, but we realize most activities will be conducted outside.

• The camp program will need to be modified to reduce the risk of someone getting sick. For example, in New Hampshire we will be splitting the camp in half and running double shifts in the Dining Hall, Chapel and at activity areas, to help us maintain distancing guidelines.

• We will eliminate all the outside of camp trips which involve exposure to the general public. We believe we can still operate some wilderness trips and are working on these details this Spring.

• We believe we can run most of the normal activities at camp; not all, but most. We will be cleaning and sanitizing the activity areas at the beginning and end of each activity period. We are still trying to figure out how to sanitize a horse!

•Incoming day will be different as we will screen everyone at the gate, and permit limited groups into the cabins to reduce the risk of contamination.  For more details, see the list at the bottom of this page.

• Parents of Brookwoods and Deer Run campers and those in the Leadership Development Program will be asked to complete this COVID waiver and have it ready upon arrival at camp.

• Parents of Moose River Outpost campers and those in the WILD Program will be asked to complete this COVID waiver and have it ready upon arrival at camp.

Of course a healthy summer at camp really starts at home.   We recommend you  check out this link from the Camp Nurse Association.

Perhaps the best way to share this information is to look at the list of Frequently Asked Questions we have complied, which will provide answers to most of the COVID related items we have been discussing with parents. That list can be accessed HERE.

We will also continue to have monthly Zoom calls with parents to provide the latest information.  Call details will be e-mailed to the parents of enrolled campers a few days prior to each call.  If you have not yet enrolled your child at camp, please contact our office at 603-875-3600 to obtain the camp details.  The latest calls were recorded and can be viewed on this page.

Brookwoods, Deer Run and Moose River Outpost Parent Information Gathering: June 15, 2021

Moose River Outpost Parent Information Gathering: June 2, 2021


New information will be added as needed. Thank you for your understanding as we strive to provide the best possible camp experience within the current safety guidelines.

Of course if we didn’t cover YOUR question in our FAQ or other sources, please give us a call at the camp office at 603-875-3600.

We are excited….and hope you are too!


Some parents have asked if COVID concerns will impact “Income Day” at camp.  Yes…unfortunately we will have to do things a bit different than in the past.   Here is an example of how we see the incoming day going at Brookwoods and Deer Run:

New Hampshire Check-In-Procedure:   1pm to 5pm

  1. All staff, parents and campers will need to wear masks for the entire check in process, to remain socially distanced and avoid congregating with others outside your family.
  2. To limit exposure, we strongly encourage one parent or guardian for each camp family, and leaving the family pets at home. We also encourage this drop off process to be as quick as possible. Please do not use this time to catch up with friends or neighbors. We generally love to be able to enjoy this property with all, but we need to limit exposure of our staff and campers to help keep everyone healthy.  Except for designated bathroom areas, buildings will be closed. Thank you for assisting us in this process.
  3. Each car will be greeted at the gate and will be questioned about any recent COVID exposure; symptoms and temperature will be taken of all occupants. Please know that we cannot allow anyone with any symptoms onsite at this time.  No camper will be permitted on the grounds without a copy of their COVID vaccination card or results from COVID testing within the past 7 days, or a Doctor’s diagnosis documenting a case of COVID in the past 90 days, AND a signed COVID waiver.   Each car will then be directed to the most efficient way to proceed to the next check in step. If your family includes both a boy and a girl, you will be directed to complete medical check-in at the Loon.   If you have only boy campers, you will be directed to check-in at Brookwoods, and girls will be directed to Deer Run.
  4. At the medical check in each camper will first have a head check for lice. Any camper who has not been vaccinated, or been diagnosed with COVID in the prior 90 days of camp, will also have a COVID spit test performed.Therefore, please NO eating or drinking of water or beverages within 30 minutes of arrival at camp; if this occurs you will be required to wait till that time elapses.    If additional questions are present or if you have brought any medications with you today, you will be directed to see the medical personnel.  After medical check-in information is complete, you will be provided your cabin assignment and free to move into cabins at the respective camps.
  5. Only two families will be permitted into the cabins at a time during setup, so please be courteous with your time to others waiting.
  6. The Camp Store will be open during the afternoon for any uniform needs. Occupancy limits will be observed inside the store.
  7. Campers will be given swim tests once the majority of the campers are checked into the cabin, later in the afternoon, after parents have completed drop off and departed.
  8. If you are a first-time parent, the Executive Director, Bob Strodel, will provide an orientation for YOU in the outside Chapel, socially distanced, at 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30pm.