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Camp 2020 FAQs

Camp 2020 FAQs

We have compiled this set of questions to help inform our camp families about the resulting changes to the summer of 2020.

Camp Closing

Why did you cancel camp this summer?

On  June 5th at 3:00pm, the Governor of New Hampshire released a final set of guidelines to allow the operation of residential camps in New Hampshire.  These guidelines contained 11 major differences from the preliminary set released on May 19th.  It was the opinion of the Board of Directors and the Senior Staff that running camp under the new guidelines was impossible.  The guidelines can be accessed here:

What will the LDP, SALT and WILD program look like in 2021?

We are still processing the options for 2021 regarding our leadership development programs.    Once we compete a dialogue with current parents and participants, we will announce our path going forward.  While we would all like immediate answers, we don’t anticipate this will be resolved until July.

What happens to the money I sent in for the summer of 2020? Can I get a refund or make a donation?

Going forward, each family has several options on what to do with funds deposited for this summer:

  • Option 1Donation: If you are able, consider donating all, or a portion, of your paid deposit or tuition to camp’s General Fund. A donation at this time would be very much appreciated. The financial impact of not running camp has placed a great burden on our ministry. A tax-deductible receipt will be issued to you.
  • Option 2Roll Funds Forward to Next Summer: We would ask you to consider rolling forward any tuition paid for this summer. If you choose this option, we would guarantee your child a place in the same session for 2021. By choosing this option, you would greatly help us manage our cash flow and have funds on hand for current operations.
  • Option 3Full Refund: You may request a full refund by completing the on-line form in the link below by June 30th. A full refund will be issued to you within 120 days of your request.

We are asking parents to complete THIS form.


If I roll my registration over, will I get the 2020 rate?

Answer: The Board of Directors will determine 2021 rates in November 2020.  We CAN guarantee that if you roll over your registration to 2021 you WILL be insured a spot at camp without ending up on the Waiting List. [Even in this unknown COVID-19 environment, we STILL had waiting lists for camp!]

If I have already been approved for scholarship assistance in 2020, will I still get that for 2021?

Answer: We will request you re-submit an updated Application for 2021 with your latest data.  You can accomplish that on this LINK.

End of available questions. More questions will be added as needed.