We Are So Very Grateful for Your Generosity!

In early March, a generous group of Alumni pledged to match every dollar donated to scholarships with a donation to the Inspiration Point Endowment Fund, up to $100,000. If we met this goal by July 23 (Changeover), an additional $60,000 would be donated.

Praise the Lord that by the first day of camp we were thrilled to have met the $100,000 match goal. Our alumni donors then agreed to continue matching donations up to $125,000.  Through the amazing generosity of our donors, we have now reached and exceeded that goal as well!

Thank you!          Thank you!          Thank you!

All totaled, we have grown the scholarship fund by over $185,000 and $218,000 has been donated to the Endowment!  We are humbled and incredibly grateful to everyone who contributed to the 2017 Scholarship Challenge — our generous God is reflected in how so many of you gave so generously to this challenge, allowing us to bring more kids to camp today and for generations to come. Each year, approximately one third of our campers depend on financial assistance to attend. We love saying “YES” to those campers!

Thank you so much for giving campers the opportunity to hear the good news of the gospel, meet God in His creation, and experience how Christ transforms lives for the Kingdom.

Click this link if you would like to join the many people who have donated to the Scholarship Fund. Donate Here!

“I have made lifelong friends and every summer is a refreshment of my faith and relationship with God. I am grateful for camp and to all the donors who give to camp’s Scholarship Fund…you make a difference because being at camp makes a difference to each one of us” — Scholarship Recipient, Leadership Development Program


Jack Lees, a Brookwoods camper from 1947-1955, who has a heart for sharing the gift of camp, is spearheading this effort. He and a group of his “camp buddies” share a desire to bring as many kids as possible to camp. Jack puts it this way in a letter to the camp family:


Former Brookwoods friends, Dick Geney, and Jack Lees (right) on a recent visit to Brookwoods.

“When I think back on what my Brookwoods experience meant to me, and how those years at camp set the course for my life, I realize how important it is to help provide that experience to others.

I can’t think of a better investment in the life of a young man or women than to provide the Christian growth experience at camp. The cost of attending camp is a small investment for the life skills, spiritual development, life long friendships and peer support gained during time at camp. When you look further and realize the expansion of that investment over generations, it really blows your mind to the lasting impact. My wife, Linda, and I have been privileged to send our two daughters to camp and now are witnessing the attendance of our four grandchildren. That is a 6 to 1 investment in development in our family alone. Do you know of any other opportunity that has such a high rate of return?

Jack Lees (left) and Peter Bennett, life long friendship started at Brookwoods, and continues through today; despite the differences in the size of their catch!

The past 60 years of my life were successful in part because of my time at Brookwoods. Linda and I are grateful we’ve had the ability to provide that experience to others by giving to the Scholarship Endowment Fund and that these contributions will provide growth experiences for the next generation of campers. I want to encourage you to join us through your gifts to this important fund.”

– Jack Lees

Brookwoods Camper (1947-1955)

Camp Parent (1978-1981)

Camp Grandparent (2016-present)


In 2016, over $200,000 was gifted to 200 campers who could not have attended otherwise. We anticipate even greater requests in 2017 for campers who need financial assistance to attend Brookwoods, Deer Run, and Moose River Outpost.


The Scholarship program is beneficial to all campers because it not only provides a way for kids who need financial assistance to attend, but it also enhances the camp experience for the entire community by bringing children together from different and diverse backgrounds. This broadens the outreach and impact of the ministry as more campers are introduced to a gospel-centered community where lives are transformed for Christ and His kingdom.


The Scholarship program is funded by two sources: funds that are designated on an annual basis for that camping season and the Scholarship Endowment Fund, which provides annual earnings from this invested fund. Contributions to this fund will benefit both current and future generations of campers.


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