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bob strodel

Does Camp have an eternal impact in our lives? Absolutely! I first learned to walk on the front lawn at Brookwoods; the year was 1959. Joel Nagy, a Counselor in the Chipmunk cabin, taught me how to swim. My friend, Peter Eichling, accepted the Lord in that cabin. He was above me in the bunk. Uncle JJ was my Instructor when I took Junior Life Saving. I’m sure he coated his body with petroleum jelly before the final tests! Uncle Woody taught me how to water ski, and Uncle George taught me about fishing and caring for boats. I was with my Dad and brother when Jay Khurt caught the big fish on Chibougamau—the one hanging in the camp office today. In 1972 I was on the first Allagash trip, which was the first coed trip in the camps’ history. I can name every Counselor and Junior Counselor I ever had while a camper.

Many of my role models and heroes came from Camp, and serve as examples today.

Camp memories are much deeper than nostalgia. It is both humbling and an incredible privilege for me to serve as Executive Director. Firmly backed by our Board of Directors, the staff and I seek to honor the legacy of impacting kids for Christ. Camping is our ministry tool. We use a temporary community in an outdoor setting to create teachable, fun, life-changing moments—things like hiking and canoeing trips, jumping on the blob, Miss Deer Run contest, thunderball at the tennis courts, paintball and The Great Race at Moose River Outpost, Krazy Karnivals and end-of-the-month banquets. Sound Bible studies delivered and lived out by role models in a cabin/small group setting complete the package. Brookwoods, Deer Run and Moose River Outpost have been impacting lives since their beginnings.

This mission is more critical today than at any time in our history.

American culture as well as cultures around the world are experiencing radical change. Liberty, comfort and freedom have paved the way for radical individualism; concrete concepts of truth, “right and wrong,” have been dismissed. By treating all opinions as equally valid, the wildest excesses in behavior are now celebrated. Where can parents send their children to learn new skills and develop confidence in a place that reflects their values? Where can kids be mentored by people who mirror their parents’ beliefs, or make life-long friends that support the development of life’s virtues? Our methods may change over the years, but the goals are the same.

To continue on a path of excellence and to continue our heritage, the Board of Directors and I would like to ask for your participation in a capital campaign that will establish the foundation for the next generation at Brookwoods, Deer Run and Moose River Outpost.

This campaign was announced in Boston on March 30, 2012 at an event attended by over 400 people, and this portion of the website is designed to let you know what is happening and to ask you for your participation. Please investigate, to discover some really neat things happening at camp.

I love this ministry, and it is a privilege to serve.

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Bob Strodel  |  Executive Director